PP Fabric

GSO  MultiFibre®  PP Fabric Variable constructions of woven fabric with a fibre mass ratio of 40 % PP as thermoplastic matrix and 60 % glass as reinforcement material. Other matrix-/reinforcement ratios on request.
  • shank fabric with max. 8 shanks
  • variable constructions (weave, grammage, thickness)
  • bidirectional / unidirectional grammage orientation
  • comware widths up to 410 cm
  • cutted or uncutted strong or enhanced selvedge
  • high design flexibility with corresponding strength and stiffness
Type of fabric
grammage g/m²
GWM 134-600K2 600
GWM 134-750/1K2 750
GWM 134-980K2 980
GWM 134-1485K2 1485
Mechanical characteristic values (determined by UD fabirc 980 g/m2; process conditions: T=190 °C, p=3bar)
 PrüfnormEinheitGWM 134-980K2
sheet thickness   mm 2
flexural modulus DIN EN ISO 14125 N/mm² ≥8000
flexural strength DIN EN ISO 14125 N/mm² ≥200
tensile modulus DIN EN ISO 547-4 N/mm² ≥13000
tensile strength DIN EN ISO 547-4 N/mm² ≥300