PP Fabric

GSO  MultiFibre®  PP Fabric Variable constructions of woven fabric with a fibre mass ratio of 40 % PP as thermoplastic matrix and 60 % glass as reinforcement material. Other matrix-/reinforcement ratios on request.
  • shank fabric with max. 8 shanks
  • variable constructions (weave, grammage, thickness)
  • bidirectional / unidirectional grammage orientation
  • comware widths up to 410 cm
  • cutted or uncutted strong or enhanced selvedge
  • high design flexibility with corresponding strength and stiffness
StyleThermoplastic matrixGrammage g/m 2Max. width
GW 332 1200A6 Polypropylene 1200 2,70m
GW 334 410L5 Polypropylene 410 2,70m
GWM 363 700R Polyamide 700 2,70m
GWM 364 700R Polyamide 700 2,70m
Mechanical characteristic values (determined by UD fabirc 980 g/m2; process conditions: T=190 °C, p=3bar)
 PrüfnormEinheitGWM 134-980K2
sheet thickness   mm 2
flexural modulus DIN EN ISO 14125 N/mm² ≥8000
flexural strength DIN EN ISO 14125 N/mm² ≥200
tensile modulus DIN EN ISO 547-4 N/mm² ≥13000
tensile strength DIN EN ISO 547-4 N/mm² ≥300