GSO MultiFibre® - Multiple fibres and fabrics for multifunctional applications

Lightweight construction, efficiency of ressources and shorter cycle times, related to a permanent increase of mechanical characteristic data – this are some of the demanding requirements to the composite industry in the 21st century.


GSO MultiFibre® as a innovative hybrid glass fibre opens a variety of traditional industries the opportunity to reinforce parts in an economic and effective way.


  • hybrid fibres and fabrics with adjustable ratio of glass and thermoplast
  • thermoplasts: polypropylene - PP / Polyethyleneterephthalate - PET 
Product Benefits GSO MultiFibre®

thermoplast as matrix material is just inside 

  • direct processing without additional resin
  • environment-friendly – no emission of solvents
  • higher cycle times in production of semi finishs and parts
  • increase of efficiency in time, costs and personal


Benefits due to steel reinforcement – lighter but yet more robust

  • obvious weight reduction→ easier handling and more gently to ressources  (fuel saving)
  • higher mechanical resilience, especially  increased flexural strength
  • awfully good resistance towards environmental influences – no thermoconductivity/-expansion 
  • awfully good resistance towards chemicals  – no corrosion