Product Groups

Yarns & Fibres

Yarns an fibres are the raw materials of every fibreglass product. These raw materials are used for woven fabrics, chopped fibreglass and roving or as a traction relief component for the electrical industry.

Woven fabrics

Woven fabrics are area-measured materials from warp and weft systems are crossed at right angles to each other. In combination with the various basis weights, binding types, surface weight orientations and the equipment of its own proven sizing systems offer woven fabrics ideal "CUSTOMIZED...

GSO MultiFibre®

Lightweight construction, efficiency of ressources and shorter cycle times, related to a permanent increase of mechanical characteristic data – this are some of the demanding requirements to the composite industry in the 21st century.   GSO MultiFibre® as a innovative hybrid glass fibre opens a...


We offer mats made from chopped, non-oriented E and ECR glass fibres which are either chemically reinforced using a powder/emulsion binder or are mechanically bound.


Complexes are a combination of non-woven fabrics, chopped stand mats, roving fabrics or other fabrics which are fixed together in an interlocking system. The composition of fibres oriented in different directions allows us to offer custom-made customer solutions.

PD PowerStrand®

PD PowerStrand® is a new fibre glass product made by PD-FibreGlass. Higher performance and stronger resistance are the most notable features of the new product.PD PowerStrand® is characterized by significantly better physical properties compared to conventional fiberglass. Higher tensile...