PP Directroving

GSO MultiFibre® PP Directroving of E-glass and polypropylene fibres
for the production of reinforced semi finishs and parts. The hybrid fibres have a nominal yield of 1870 tex with a mass ratio of 40 % PP as matrix and 60 % glass as reinforcement. Other matrix- / reinforcement ratios on request.
Sortiment EC-PP-1870-DT(S)4

Indication EC E-glass, continuous (endless filament)
  PP polypropylene matrix
  1870  nominal yield (tex)
  D direct process
  T ; S   colour PP   T – transparent ; S – black
  4 40 % masse ratio PP
Other sorments up to EC-PP-1000-DT(S)4 with other mass ratios of PP on request.


Single bobbin inner diameter 160 mm
  height 275 ±5 mm
  weight max. 15 kg
Mechanical characteristic values (determined by UD fabric 550 g/m2; process conditions: T=190 °C, p=3bar)
 Test methodUnitGWM334-550L5
sheet thickness   mm 2
flexural modulus DIN EN ISO 14125 N/mm² ≥10000
flexural strength DIN EN ISO 14125 N/mm² ≥200
tensile modulus DIN EN ISO 547-4 N/mm² ≥20000
tensile strength DIN EN ISO 547-4 N/mm² ≥300