GSO MultiFibre®

GSO MultiFibre® is a variable woven fabric construction made from two or more materials which combine the favoured properties of several materials.

The hybrid fibres used in this have a strength of 400-1250 tex in the ratios 60/40, 70/30, 80/20. Hybrid fibre woven fabrics are particularly suitable for press procedures and injection moulding procedures.
  • Variable fabric structure (binding, grammage, thickness)
  • Fabric width: up to 3.10 m
  • Bidirectional / unidirectional
  • No corrosion
  • High freedom of design, with appropriate strength and rigidity
StyleThermoplastic matrix Grammage g/m 2Max. width
GW 332 1200A6 Polypropylene 1200 2,70m
GW 334 410L5 Polypropylene 410 2,70m
GWM 363 700R Polyamide 700 2,70m
GWM 364 700R Polyamide 700 2,70m