Jürgen Preiss-Daimler is the founder and owner of the P-D Group. In year 1993, the entrepreneur from Minden, who has been active as a builder in the former GDR, acquires under seven industrial plants of different branches from the “Treuhand”. A part of this “package” was the “P-D Glasseiden GmbH Oschatz”. This is the hour of birth of P-D FibreGlass Group, which should grow to all in all eight companies due to Jürgen Preiss-Daimler’s fast growing interest in fiberglass materials. Milestones are the acquisition of over 50% of the fiberglass plant in Valmiera (Latvia) in 1995 and the takeover of Interglas AG in 2003. With these acquisitions, Preiss-Daimler positions the FibreGlass Group as the leading manufacturer and converter of glass fiber yarns, rovings and fabrics in Europe. In the following years strategic alliances in China and Russia were formed to deal with the challenges of globalization. The Joint Venture with the Russian Oil-Company “Tatneft AG” in Alabuga/Tatarstan, started its production in 2010 and delivers from that point on high-quality glass fiber Roving to all over the world. As the founder and owner Mr. Preiss-Daimler is still on the side of the Management of P-D FibreGlass Group in strategic matters. Furthermore, he is present as a member of the supervisory and advisory board of the domestic and international affiliates.

P-D Glasseiden GmbH Oschatz

Since 2010 Jöran Pfuhl is Managing Director "Sales" of P-D Glasseiden GmbH Oschatz. After his successful completion of his law studies and his clerkship in Liaison Office of the German Economy in Riadh (Saudi-Arabia), the fully qualified lawyer starts his career in 2003 in P-D Group as corporate counsel. After a short membership in supervisory board of P-D Interglas Technologies AG (2003-2004) within the takeover by the P-D Group, Jöran Pfuhl becomes responsible Sales Manager for electrical applications in the same company. In 2006 he becomes Deputy General Manager of the new founded Joint Venture “P-D Jushi Interglas” in Tongxiang, China. After 3 years in China, Mr. Pfuhl becomes 2009 Sales Director of P-D FiberGlass Group in Oschatz. Mr. Pfuhl is married and father of two children.

Dr. Armin Plath has been managing director of P-D Glasseiden GmbH Oschatz since September 1, 2017 with the focus of work being especially on production, quality assurance and development. After having qualified as technical draftsperson, Dr. Plath studied Material Science and Surface Technology and acquired a Master Degree in Aerospace Materials Engineering in England. Following that, the expert in Material Science received a doctor’s degree at the Stuttgart-based Max Planck Institute and graduated as Master of Business Administration from Birmingham University. Dr. Plath worked, inter alia, for the BMW Group, where he managed the quality laboratories, initially in Eng-land and later at international level. In 2007 he became the manager of BMW’s Plastic Technology Division with 500 employees. This field of responsibility covered both the production and the de-velopment of plastic parts in the structure and in the outer skin of vehicles. Thereafter in 2011, he changed to Volkswagen AG, where he was in charge of the group’s research work in the field of materials and process development. From 2015 onwards, he managed the LeichtbauCampus in Wolfsburg and, parallel to it, worked as the managing director of CarboSax GmbH.
Dr. Plath is married with one son.

Arvind PD Composites Private Ltd.

Suresh Bhat is the director - Sales and Commercial of the PD FibreGlass Joint Venture in India Arvind PD Composites Private Limited. Mr. Bhat is an Industrial and Production engineer from Bangalore University in India with specialization in Tool Design engineering and Professional Communication. Mr. Bhat has been the channel partner since 1989 and he is responsible for sales for the PD FibreGlass range of products in the region. Mr. Bhat is now playing a key role in the development and establishment of the JV in the national and international markets. Mr. Bhat is married and has a daughter.